There is a better way to beat stress than trying to think your way out of it...
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"Leon's talk was humorous, relevant, inspiring, and celebratory..... but I think what worked even better was the amount of time he spent with us after in the tower - taking time to talk with everyone, allowing them to see/touch/wear the medal. It made the evening really special. Leon is a lovely person, really genuine, with a great personality which came over in spades."
Judith Harding
YSR Migrations and Business Intelligence Director, BT
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Leon is an Olympic Silver Medallist. After 20 years in elite sport, he has gone on to become the BBC's "Voice of Diving".

He is now a valued mentor to Olympic and Paralympic athletes. In addition to coaching corporate clients and delivering workshops on a variety of high performance topics.

His passion for improving mental health by persuing physical exercise led him to deliver the popular TEDx talk seen above.