Mindset and Movement with Leon

Leon is excited to offer a library of on demand videos for you to enjoy at a time that suits you. These hugely successful Mindset and Movement sessions supported participants through the COVID-19 pandemic. Created to improve health, happiness and your performance.

These sessions will boost physical and mental wellbeing for all ages & levels of fitness. Mindset and Movement is available in a pay-what-you-can format, with a new session available every fortnight. Click the button below to learn more and book.

MINDSET COACHING: Looking at habits, behaviours and beliefs. Leon offers tangible tools and techniques that you can use immediately to manage stress and navigate challenging circumstances.

MOVEMENT: Time to get out of our heads and into our bodies. Leon will take you through a session to improve mobility, stability, strength and capacity; accessible to all levels of fitness, and followed by a yoga-inspired cool down and a guided relaxation to rest and integrate.


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I very much recommend this from my friend and mentor Leon Taylor. This will be an injection of positivity and energy for those of you who need it right now
Sophie Christiansen CBE

You can learn more about Leon's background and experience on the Mental Wellness page.